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Her Capabilities About Jen Sulak

+ Photography

+ Photoshop re-touching

+ Consults and Concepts

+ Environmental Artwork

+ Marketing Design Techniques

+ Photo Booth for Events/Weddings


Artist Resume>>

Jen = A uniquely pink-headed photographer and artist that loves making imagery that inspires and motivates! I am in love with LOVE, my husband and growing everyday to smile more, hug more and appreciate the God-given gifts I have.

Photography has been one of the amazing tools that I’ve found to capture the world around me!  I love playing with various forms of light and scenarios.  If it is popular, most likely I’m not doing it.  I have a love for being myself first, but also working with my clients to create what you TRULY want v. what is just popular.  My images are where Love and Light merge together in one passionate story.

As commissioned, I would like to explore into the un-seen with your portraits or into pieces of you, pieces of the world and dive into a perspective that is uniquely mine. Together we can create LIGHT!!!

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